Sanotech Equine Biosecurity

Sanotech provides a touchless disinfection service using biodegradable and eco-friendly solutions to combat bacteria and viruses (99.999% kill rate). We offer advanced technology with ecological solutions providing decontamination of all surfaces and airborne viruses for the health and wellbeing of horses in the equine industry. By using electro static sprayers we can ensure maximum protection for the horse and stable yard when carrying out their biosecurity protocol.
We also provide surface cleans and odour management for equine facilities:

  • Equine influenza
  • Trichophyton
  • Aspergillus
  • Thrush
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Streptococcus


About Sanotech

Good biosecurity consists of simple measures and protocols designed to minimise the exposure of horses to disease causing pathogens.
Good biosecurity practices will reduce the risk of disease transmission between horses both at their home stables and when competing at events. Helping to prevent the spread of diseases at Equestrian events.
Horse boxes and stables must be maintained to ensure healthy horses. The bars and fencing are an integral part of a stable, a place where bacteria grows.
The way to eliminate and protect against viral and bacterial threats within the stables and horse boxes is to apply Ultra to all surfaces paying attention to areas that come in contact with the horse. Saddles are rarely sanitised after use but can house a variety of threats. We also recommend TECare Control for elimination and protection against Equine hoof and thrush. A simple effective method that is proven to work.

Prevent and Treat Hoof Thrush


TECcare ULTRA prolonged anti-microbial effect instantly kills more than 100 Pathogens, providing maximum protection for the horse and the stable yard.
Completely eco-friendly - degrades to water and oxygen after use.
How environmentally friendly is that! Take control reduce the risk of Infection and sickness. Perfect for Racing Yards and Transport, Race Course Boxes, Temporary Stables, Horse Walkers, Tack rooms...
We only use Defra approved products.
With our electrostatic technology all areas are left clean and safe to authority standards.

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